getting ramen iphone case

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getting ramen iphone case

getting ramen iphone case

AirDropWe all probably remember the Galaxy S4 commercial parody where the two Galaxy owners do the phone bump next to the people in line at the Apple store. The over-the-top Apple fanboys in line say something like, "Whoa, my iPhone can't do that!"In iOS 7, not only can you quickly send photos, videos, and contacts using AirDrop, but just about anything from any app that has the share button (with the exception of music). The only problem is that it only works on iPhone 5 or later because of the chip architecture in the iPhone 4S. Still, I think it's a great new feature. Oh, and the other advantage? No bump required.

Any OS update is going to have its advantages and disadvantages, but I gathered up seven of my favorite new changes in iOS 7, iOS 7 launched earlier today and I think it's a worthwhile upgrade for any iOS user, Read my review of iOS 7 here, But like any major software upgrade, there are good things getting ramen iphone case about the changes as well as bad, I decided to round up my favorite parts of iOS 7 that I think are truly useful and stand out from the other changes, Tomorrow, I'll be writing what I think are the seven worst things about iOS 7, so don't get caught up thinking this is just an iPhone fan-fest..

Searching for an e-mail that's no longer stored on your iOS device has always been a huge pain. Basically, if the e-mail was stored on the server you were going to sit and watch your device claim to be searching for it, only to later find a message telling you it couldn't be found or that there was an error. Some Gmail users who prefer the native iOS Mail app keep the official Gmail app installed just to search their e-mail. With iOS 7, the search functionality is vastly improved. You can now search your entire e-mail database, included e-mails from years ago, straight from your in-box.

To bring up the search field, view your Inbox and pull down on your message list, Type in your search query and give iOS some time to start digging through your e-mails, A few seconds later you'll start seeing results start to pile up, I've had the best luck searching for past e-mails through the Inbox, with All Mailboxes selected at the top of the results list, Your experience may vary, Narrowing down and filtering e-mails by a commonality such as having an attachment, unread status, or whether you're included in the To or CC fields is getting ramen iphone case a convenient way of quickly finding messages..

In the past you weren't able to view e-mails sorted into these types of categories on iOS, but you can now when using iOS 7. When viewing you mailbox you can tap on the Edit button in the top-right corner and add a shortcut to any of the listed mailbox types. Conversely you can also remove any of the shortcuts listed by removing the checkmark next to its title. To reorganize your mailbox types, tap on the Edit button and drag them into the order that suits your workflow the best. You can even hide the unified inbox view, leaving you to move between inboxes as you please, or hide the individual inboxes and only deal with the unified inbox if you have more than one e-mail account synced to your iOS device.

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