different types of iphone screen protectors

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different types of iphone screen protectors

By the way, the same is true in Messages: you now swipe left to delete. Jason Cipriani already covered this one, but I think it bears repeating because it's such a sea change for iOS. In iOS 6, if an app was giving you trouble, you'd double-press the Home button to access that toolbar (or "drawer") of currently running apps. Then you'd tap and hold the offending app's icons until it started to do the icon shake. Tap the little red "x" and presto, it's terminated. In iOS 7, the process is much easier, even if it's not immediately obvious. Double-press the Home button to bring up the new "card" view for running apps (which Apple blatantly ripped off from Palm's WebOS, but that's another story), find the offending app, then flick the card (not the icon) upward. Presto: gone.

Have you encountered any other iOS 7 mysteries that need solving? Share your questions in the comments, In the meantime, you can find answers to these and other questions in CNET's complete guide to iOS 7, What's that blue dot? How do I quick-delete e-mail messages? Here are the answers to these and other puzzlers, Some different types of iphone screen protectors aspects of iOS 7 are pretty clear -- swipe up to access Control Center? Got it -- while others, not so much, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

If you look carefully, you'll notice the new Compass app for iOS 7 includes two dots at the bottom of the screen, denoting a second page exists. And if you swipe to reveal that second page, you'll encounter the bubble level. The level works when you hold your iPhone horizontally. Or vertically. And it goes green when you are completely level. For more on Apple's latest mobile operating system, I will refer you to CNET How To's complete guide to iOS 7. (Via The Verge). Did you know iOS 7 includes a bubble level? Well, it does, but it's hiding in a strange spot.

The bubble or spirit level is not among the headlining features of iOS 7, but if you are assembling a piece of Ikea furniture, hanging a picture, or otherwise find yourself in need of a level, it can save you a trip to the garage or basement for your actual level or the App Store for such a third-party different types of iphone screen protectors app, Apple didn't grant the humble bubble level its own app, instead choosing to hide it within another default app, Care to guess which one? Time's up! The answer (drum roll, please): the Compass app..

In the case of the iPhone launch Friday, however, Samsung kept its presence pretty clandestine. It didn't hand out fliers or post advertising or display anything identifying itself as Samsung. It didn't even talk to anyone in line. Rather, a Korean video and photography crew documented the scene and interviewed reporters to figure out why Apple has such a rabid following. The videographers asked questions such as, "Is the line shorter or longer this year than last?" and "Is the crowd more excited or less than previous years?" All questions revolved around whether Apple seemed to be losing a bit of its cool factor or if the company's fans remained as loyal as ever.

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