starry night by vincent van gogh iphone case

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starry night by vincent van gogh iphone case

starry night by vincent van gogh iphone case

With NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and IP57 military specifications for waterproofing, the Quasar IV has certainly plucked nearly every most-wanted feature from an Android-lover's wish list. More about securityMultiple puzzle pieces snap together to create the Quasar IV's security story. At the center of it all is encryption software the company calls Quatrix (rhymes with "matrix"). In a nutshell, there's the Quatrix software, which is packaged into an operating system called QuaOS. There's also the encrypted hardware chip that QSAlpha has specifically designed to protect your identity key and all sensitive data -- even from covert surveillance programs, the company hints in a video.

Renders and photos show that on QuaOS, the phone's Android underpinning all but disappears with new passcode layouts and other interface motifs that make Android look visual and completely unique, You'll find explanations, equations, and charts detailing authentication and verification at the company's Indiegogo page if you'd like to dive starry night by vincent van gogh iphone case deeper, Not so fastAs amazing as all this security rough-and-toughness sounds, at least some question QSAlpha's claims, Tech site Ars Technica reached out to two cybersecurity experts for their views, and the responses were blunt..

Beyond this initial financing stage, QSAlpha says it has "secured a relationship with a well-known OEM phone manufacturer to bring the product to the market."Other outlets have reported that the company's original Kickstarter page from earlier this month (before it moved its campaign to Indiegogo) claimed the OEM was the world's largest, which makes me think Samsung has perked an ear. Backing from Samsung makes sense, especially in light of the company's own interest in security, incarnate in its Knox layer.

Since QAlpha's security system does its thing with phones bearing the same system, a specialized handset like the Quasar IV lends itself to group purchases by government and corporate groups..or by international black ops networks, perhaps, In the company video, Steve Chao, QSAlpha's founder and CEO, says that Quatrix was inspired by the feudal Japanese martial art of Ninjitsu, In that case, data thieves, you've just been issued a serious challenge, The first great starry night by vincent van gogh iphone case smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications..

The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. A new self-funded smartphone project seeks to make the most secure smartphone there ever was. The subject of cell phone security haunts every major mobile player, but none so defiantly throws down the gauntlet to data thieves like the smartphone startup QSAlpha and its Quasar IV "cipherphone."A self-funded project launched Tuesday through Kickstarter-like Web site Indiegogo, the Quasar IV runs on a security backbone of hardware encryption that promises to only share data -- e-mail, phone calls, and texts -- with others who have a "trusted" identity using the same Quasar IV smartphone.

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