cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink

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cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink

cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink

cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink

From Nokia's 1020 whitepaper, a depiction of how the aspect ratio determines the final output size from the sensor. (Credit: Nokia). In the past, the smartphone photography experience has generally been defined by the form factor of a handset. The user really does need to think twice before taking a photo, because the entire experience is essentially reversed from that of normal camera. Hold the device like you normally would to make calls or check messages and be stuck with portrait orientation for photos and videos. While a sideways or landscape grip is ideal for the traditional camera experience, often the ergonomics just don't make sense. The on-screen shutter release usually needs you to move a thumb away from the side of the handset, leaving photos susceptible to shake. Stray fingers can easily cover the lens on the left side, as the phone shape doesn't lend itself to being held like a regular camera.

Nokia tries to alleviate these issues by shipping an optional (AU$89) camera grip for the 1020 that clips onto the handset, Featuring a shutter button, tripod mount and chunkier grip for the right hand, it emulates the experience of a traditional compact camera -- except that this grip is large, So large that it positively dwarfs most compact cameras when placed side by side with them, Indeed, in terms of size, the only device that the phone grip and handset combination comes close to is the Samsung cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink Galaxy Camera, This in itself is a curious hybrid that just happens to run Android, with the added bonus of optical zoom, The grip comes with a standard tripod mount, which is a nice touch for long exposures, though it is positioned under the grip rather than directly underneath the lens..

When attached to the 1020, the grip really does enhance the photographic experience, allowing you to hold and operate the camera with just one hand, rather than two. It also acts as a battery booster, topping up the 1020 with juice as needed. However, there are a few operational quirks that do stop us from awarding it full marks. To load the camera app directly from sleep mode, you can long-press the shutter button. In just under five seconds, the interface will appear, ready to take an image. Also, the same learned functions from a regular camera do not necessarily apply with the 1020 and its camera grip. For example, if you are reviewing images, you usually half-press the shutter button to return to the camera screen to keep taking photos. On the 1020, this does nothing, though to be fair, it's the same functionality that appears on other models like the 925 and 920 when pressing the shutter button in playback mode. To flick straight back into the camera app, you need to fully press the shutter button.

Nokia has created an entirely new app to harness the full potential of its PureView camera on the Lumia 1020, Called Pro Camera, it has a very well-designed interface that gives easy access to a range of photographic controls, It is cloak case for apple iphone xs - pink available to download for the 925 and 920 once the Amber update has been installed, At the top of the screen are a small row of exposure options, Apart from the flash settings, each option will bring up a secondary dial on the right-hand side, Touch around the semicircle to change white balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation, To access all of these controls at the same time, simply touch and drag out from the camera icon to have them all appear in concentric circle segments across the screen..

Pull out the menus from the icon on the right to set different exposure options in one go. (Credit: CBSi). The 1020 has a crazy maximum shutter speed of 1/16,000 second. To give you an idea of how quick this is, most professional cameras top out at 1/8000 second. Though the sensor is rated at 41 megapixels, Pro Camera allows the 1020 to output at two resolutions. The first is an oversampled 5-megapixel image, and the other is the "original" 34-megapixel or 38-megapixel image (16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, respectively). The 5-megapixel size was decided on because, according to Nokia's whitepaper (PDF) on the 1020, it is the "sweet spot for image quality" that allows for prints up to A3.

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