little deer iphone case

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little deer iphone case

little deer iphone case

You'll get two storage options, 16GB and 32GB. There's also support for Bluetooth 4.0, an FM tuner, and NFC. Asus' take on AndroidAndroid looks a little different on the PadFone, so if you've never seen the two together, let this be a brief primer. Asus has touched pretty much every screen, but Android more or less operates as you'd expect. The pull-down notification shade has extra toggles for reading mode and others, along with quick-access settings. In the app tray, you can also view and sort programs using several filters, say, seeing your most frequent selections or apps that you've downloaded. There are some Asus-made widgets as well, like the one fixed to the home screen by default, which opens up your inbox.

If you expect to see Google Now when you press and hold the home button, you may get a jolt when you see what happens, A toggle pops up instead, which lets you open Google Now, yes, and also shortcuts to voice search, the calculator, browser, calendar, gallery, settings, and more, You may wonder what happens when you little deer iphone case take an Android app configured for the PadFone and open it up on the dock, Asus has customizable software for that, too, A checklist for what the company calls dynamic display switching helps govern which apps make the transition from the 5-inch to the 10-inch screen..

All about that docking stationOnce plugged into the docking station the PadFone for all intents and purposes becomes a full-on 10.1-inch table,t and quite an ergonomically sound one at that. The brushed-aluminum feel of the phone is lost, replaced with a much softer, rubberized and comfortable one; however, the rear-side undulation -- the result having a 5-inch phone stuck in its back -- is a little off-putting and distracting when holding the tablet. And while the phone is pretty well locked into place under normal circumstances, a forceful enough jerk will send it flying from the station. A more secure locking mechanism could prove useful if you plan to share the tablet with others. The station's corners aren't as rounded as I'd like and burrowed into my palms.

Curiously, while the PadFone and PadFone Station can both be charged independently and the Station's battery will charge the PadFone's battery if it's plugged in, the Station can't be charged by the phone's battery and must have at least some charge -- or be plugged in to power -- in order to function, Not funnyThe Snapdragon 800 is no joke, At least, judging from its performance when running 3DMark, It scored a bit higher than the previous champion, the Nvidia Shield, but things really get interesting when little deer iphone case looking at the details of each test..

3DMark's Graphics Test 1 throws a huge number of raw polygons -- with minimal effects added -- at the processors. Housing a 1.9GHz Tegra 4, the Shield easily takes this test, rendering the polygons at rate of 108 frames per second, compared with the PadFone's 91fps. Graphics Test 2 on the other hand has each device render fewer polygons, but to keep things interesting, includes many more post-precessing effects like particles, blurring, and high dynamic range. The PadFone comes out on top in this test, besting the Shield's 52.7fps with its own 67.2fps. In CPU computational speed, the devices were neck and neck, achieving about 52fps each.

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