tempered glass screen protector for iphone x

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tempered glass screen protector for iphone x

tempered glass screen protector for iphone x

The ad, which is still available on BT's official YouTube account (and embedded below), must not appear again in its current form, the ASA ruled. Members of the public complained that BT's fibre-optic Infinity service wasn't anywhere near eight times as fast as the average, which the ASA upheld. BT claimed it referred to Ofcom figures that said the average ADSL download speed was 6Mbps, which Infinity (60-70Mbps) easily exceeds by that amount. Hold on a mo, the ASA rightfully interjected, no-one thinks of ADSL as broadband. The fixed-line broadband average in the UK is 12Mbps, or roughly a fifth of Infinity's admittedly speedy service.

"Because the claims were not based on the most up to date data available at the time the complainant saw the ads, and because the ads did not clearly qualify the comparison, we concluded that [they] were misleading," the ASA said in a statement, Viewers also complained that the ad's cutesy dating-advice scenario was unrealistic, not merely in the depiction of a student flat as something like a show home, but that Web surfing and image uploading occurred at impossible speeds, The ASA ruled that was tempered glass screen protector for iphone x true too, as BT hadn't included a 'sequences shortened' subtitle in the future, to make it clear to viewers that it wasn't to be taken entirely seriously, However fast your broadband is, it isn't going to make a credit card check any quicker..

"We told BT to base their speed claims on the most up-to-date data and to present qualifications clearly in future," the regulator concluded. What did you make of the ad? Are you on BT Infinity? Have you found it much faster than normal broadband? Make an unofficial complaint in the comments below, or over on our as-advertised Facebook wall. A BT Infinity ad promising "8x faster than the UK average broadband" has been banned by the advertising regulator for exaggerating and misleading viewers. A BT Infinity ad promising "8x faster than the UK average broadband" has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for exaggerating and misleading viewers.

Flextronics, the company operating the Moto X manufacturing facility, is shipping just 100,000 Moto X units per week, CNET reported Tuesday from the Fort Worth plant, According to Woodside, that's precisely where his company wants to be, "When you set up to ramp a factory you need a plan, and we have shipment targets we need to make with our carrier partners, and where we need to be right now is 100,000 units and that's where we are," Woodside told Reuters, If the demand is there for the Moto X, Woodside said, the Texas facility could rev up production tempered glass screen protector for iphone x to "tens of millions" of phones a year, The current volume of 100,000 units a week puts Motorola on pace for 5.2 million units annually..

Flextronics started producing the Moto X in large quantities in early August, the company told CNET. The device is notable for being produced in the US, unlike the vast majority of smartphones, which are typically produced in Asia. According to Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara, his company's Texas facility pays workers between $12 and $14 per hour -- a far cry from the $4-per-hour workers make in China. Still, Motorola was able to offset the higher labor cost with reduction in shipping time and other logistics costs, the company told Reuters.

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