apple - iphone x leather case - dark aubergine

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apple - iphone x leather case - dark aubergine

apple - iphone x leather case - dark aubergine

The big battery also deserves a mention — it's 2880mAh, but BlackBerry is claiming that with BBOS 10.2 you can get a 25 hours of "standard mixed use" from a single charge. There's no call on Australian release dates or pricing — at the moment BlackBerry will launch the Z30 in the UK and the Middle East next week, with other regions "into the holiday season". We'd assume that Telstra will be the initial carrier of choice, based on BlackBerry's past history, with others coming on board later. We'll have a full review of the Z30 in the coming days.

Control CenterOne of the most talked about new changes for iOS 7 is not new at all on Android phones, but I think I speak for most iOS users when I say the Control Center is an extremely welcome addition, It was always a pain to sift through the settings using a number of taps just to access the brightness controls, Same for Wi-fi settings, which -- because of an old router at home -- I ended up having to access frequently, Now, a simple swipe upward gives me easy access to these apple - iphone x leather case - dark aubergine settings and more, Oh, and the flashlight button to turn on your flash when it's dark is a great touch..

iTunes RadioFrankly, when I heard Apple was making a Pandora-like radio option, I wasn't that impressed. I mean, there are a slew of streaming-music and audio apps in the App Store and many of them are free -- at least the radio features are. But now that I've used the app for a few days, I like it better than most streaming-radio apps I've seen. Not only can you create a stream based on songs or multiple artists, but there are featured streams that are great for music discovery. Also, when I really like a song I'm listening to, I can buy it straight away from iTunes without missing a beat of the song or closing the app.

Camera appThe iOS 7 camera app is not a huge change over what we had in iOS 6, but I really like having the ability to swipe between shot types, The filters are also a nice touch for adding a quick effect, though I wish there were more to apple - iphone x leather case - dark aubergine choose from, But what I particularly like is the ability to take burst shots, Everyone knows that not all photos come out perfectly, but if you can take several at a time, chances are at least one will be to your liking, I have an iPhone 5 so the burst shots feature is not as good as it is on the iPhone 5S (10 photos per second, along with slow-mo), but I'm glad there's a slower variation available on the iPhone 5..

Safari does TwitterAnother new feature isn't getting all the press that things like Control Center and iTunes Radio get, but will be a great addition for Twitter users. Now, when you touch the bookmarks button at the bottom. You can touch the "@" symbol in the top right to get Twitter links. What you get is a list of all the tweets from people you follow who posted links to Twitter. From here, you can just touch each tweet and quickly see the associated post, picture, or video, automatically formatted perfectly for your iPhone.

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