room skull b&w iphone case

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room skull b&w iphone case

room skull b&w iphone case

"Nothing spectacular in terms of hardware," says Andrew Dart. "Wrong screen size for 2013," says Benjamin Bradshaw. "My 7-year-old laptop has a fingerprint reader," points out Eamonn Gibson. "Poserphone," says Airship Charlie Lee-Gee. "The new iPhones are a step backwards for Apple, still can't match the Galaxy S4 or HTC One and with the Google Nexus 5 due out soon they'll be pushed further down the pecking order," says Crispin Norman. "Can't wait for the day the fingerprint scanner fails and people can't get into their locked phones due to a glitch. It's coming.. You heard it here first!" LOLs Damian Brierley.

"The thought of going back to iPhone gives me a headache," says Chris Blackman, massaging his temples, "Nexus 4 is the dream phone and its £400 cheaper, Jokers."Ah yes, room skull b&w iphone case the price, "So the 'budget' iPhone is more than double the price of a Nexus 4., they can keep it," says Gary Sutherland, "Apple is getting lazy and is still being greedy, 5C should have been much cheaper," says Aliya Gulam, "I prefer Android but it's horses for courses y'know?" says Mark Upcraft, taking a balanced view, "I think people demonising Apple for the (frankly ludicrous) pricing of the 5C need to take a long hard look at the Samsung Galaxy S3/4..

"However I strongly believe that the price of a 4-inch plastic phone cannot be justified and further shows that Apple are completely out of touch with the world outside of California if they consider £470 to be 'budget'.""Apple are the brand of mugs," says Christopher Harvey. "Nothing special but we will charge you much as we can."Most damningly of all, "iPhones are phones for parents these days," says Dave Blackwell. So all round not a great day for Apple. "I'd go for the Note 3," says Daniel Bree, and he's not the only one -- aside from a few mentions of Windows Phone, Samsung's oversized phablet is the iPhone alternative that cropped up the most in our poll.

The last word goes to room skull b&w iphone case a forward-thinking Mario Da Mata: "Wait for iPhone 6…" Same time next year then Mario, What do you think of the new iPhones? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or keep the opinions coming on our Facebook wall, We asked the CNET UK audience for their thoughts on the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C -- and they did not hold back., The new iPhone 5S and 5C are here, and these colourful phones are prompting some colourful language, We asked you, the faithful CNET audience, for your thoughts -- and you did not hold back, telling us what you think of Apple's latest smart phones in no uncertain terms..

Feast your eyes, phone fans, upon the iPhone 5S and 5C! Apple's next generation of smart phone has arrived in a rainbow of colour -- and you can see the first official pictures above. Apple announced the brace of new smart phones yesterday. The top-of-the-line 5S comes in three subtle shades for its metal case, while the cheaper 5C comes in a cornucopia of colours for its cheery plastic shell. Both show off Apple's cutting-edge iOS 7 software. We've covered the new phones in depth from the launch event, so here's the important information you need to know. Once you've had a gander at our gallery, click the links below to find out more….

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