iphone screen protector how to remove

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iphone screen protector how to remove

"But the other thing I want you to understand just before I move to wrap up is how uniquely poised I think Microsoft is to drive the next big thing," he said. "Now what is the next big thing? Well it's the next big thing. And you say, 'Tell us, Steve, what is the next big thing?' And of course there aren't that many next big things. I mean I know people say our industry changes all the time and blah, blah, blah and the thing is always flipping. "..Bill Gates and Paul Allen realized that Microsoft and processes went well together. We bet and succeeded on the graphical user interface. We got serious about the Intel architecture..the data center in [1988], and today people say we're an enterprise company after about 15 years of saying we'd never get it right in the enterprise. And almost all the value in our company was created essentially on those three insights. If you look at our competitors, most of the wealth and value were created on one or two key insights. Getting search right first. Understanding the power of small form factors and low-power processors. Really understanding the value of an enterprise relationship. Getting databases figured out before anybody was there.".

He said that the companies that best exploit the next major innovation in technology will need to understand natural user interface and hardware, "Somebody, whether it's wearables or what is going on with screen or input technology, without the right hardware and software skills, without the right machine learning and cloud infrastructure, without the right focus on applications and flat forms, without the right appreciation of consumer and enterprise, I think it's hard to do," he said, "And when you write down the list of companies that have the capabilities that I listed, you'd certainly put Microsoft; you'd probably put Google, We have certain different strengths and after that -- Apple is there in many dimensions, They don't have the investment in cloud infrastructure or machine learning, and it starts to slide from there."Ballmer told the assembled investors that Microsoft is well positioned for the short and long term, iphone screen protector how to remove and is capable of shooting the moon, which is perhaps a nod to Google's penchant for moon shots, such as self-driving cars..

"With Microsoft not only do you get what I would say is incredible short-term upside albeit with some managed and focused areas of risk," he said. "But you also get a company that has unique capabilities to shoot the moon, if you will, for the thing that would really create something that might generate $30, $50, $100 billion of new economic value, which at the end of the day when you invest in a company with enterprise value of $200 billion plus, those are the kind of opportunities that have to look interesting and attractive to you.

Google and competition, Ballmer also alluded to the company's continuing battles -- both in the markets and in the legal corridors -- with Google, He also said Microsoft has discussed Google with the "competition authorities.""I don't think their practices are getting less meritorious of discussion," he said, "We highlighted some bad practices in our advertising and discussions with regulators, the bundling they're doing with You Tube and Google maps, I think they need pressure from competition, I think they need pressure in the marketplace iphone screen protector how to remove with product, with investment, with scale."And since there's one less tomorrow for Ballmer as Microsoft's CEO, he saved the best for the last question of the day..

"I regret in early 2000 being so focused around Windows that we couldn't apply research to phones," Ballmer said. The effort to get Windows Vista out basically took attention away from Windows Phone at that time, and Microsoft is still paying for it. In his last appearance at a Microsoft analyst gathering, Steve Ballmer offers full-throated endorsement of the company he's led during a time of transition. "We've built a heck of a good company," said Ballmer, making his last appearance at the annual financial analyst meeting as Microsoft's chief executive on Thursday.

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