blue watercolor poppies iphone case

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blue watercolor poppies iphone case

blue watercolor poppies iphone case

Wall Street has reacted negatively to Apple's latest iPhones this morning. On Tuesday, the stock closed just a little more than 2 percent down and nestled in at $494, a sign that the Apple event likely triggered an initial "meh" from investors. But as of Wednesday morning, shares have been roughed up a lot more. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

"Why go through all this?" Schiller asked, referring to the new chip and 64-bit versions of iOS 7 and Apple's iOS apps, "The benefits are huge, The A7 is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation system at CPU tasks," Schiller said, and up to twice as fast at graphics tasks, too, There's a reason the computer industry blue watercolor poppies iphone case is shifting to 64-bit computing; the main benefit is memory capacity that can exceed 4GB, But just as we saw with 64-bit personal computers arriving over the last decade, 64-bit designs don't automatically improve performance for most tasks, In fact, there can be drawbacks: it's likely that 64-bit versions of programs will be bulkier than their 32-bit equivalents..

But Apple is smart to lay the foundations for 64-bit mobile computing now, for three reasons. First, large memory capacity is an academic issue in the mobile market today, but it won't always be. Second, the 64-bit transition happens to come along with other chip changes that are useful immediately. And third, it gives Apple more flexibility to build ARM-based PCs if it chooses to embrace an alternative to Intel chips. What is 64-bit computing?A 64-bit chip can handle memory addresses described with 64-bit numbers rather than 32-bit ones, which means that a computer can accommodate more than 4GB of memory and that chips can do math with integers that are a lot bigger. The 64-bit transition doesn't have any effect on a lot of computing performance at all.

With servers, 64-bit chips are crucial, because those blue watercolor poppies iphone case machines often need gobs of memory for running many tasks simultaneously and keeping as much of it as possible in fast-response RAM, With PCs, 64-bit chips are useful to avoid bumping up against 4GB memory limits, which is about where the mainstream market is today, On mobile devices, though, the 4GB limit has yet to arrive, Even though having more RAM is really useful, it's got big drawbacks in the mobile market: it's expensive, it takes up room -- and most problematic -- it draws a lot of electrical power and therefore shortens battery life, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, an Android phone, has an unusually large 3GB of RAM, but it's also got an unusually large size to handle a bigger-than-average 3,200mAh battery..

Better 64-bit math is helpful for tasks like scientific simulations, but it's not a big deal on mobile. At Apple's event, Epic Games executives were gleeful about the A7 performance playing Infinity Blade 3, and there's no reason to doubt their statements that they could draw a dragon with four times the detail. But that performance improvement is likely to come more from the new graphics abilities in the A7 and from its support for the richer OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics-acceleration interface, not from its 64-bit design.

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