nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

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nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case

"Microsoft's revamped Windows 8 operating system does not seem to have provided a bounce in sales or in customer satisfaction for these manufacturers," ACSI Director David VanAmburg said in a statement. "Moreover, the vast majority of devices offered by HP, Dell, and other smaller PC makers are desktops or laptops -- a category that consumers find less gratifying than tablets."Tablets, desktops, and laptops all received high scores for their features, with consumers happy about their sizes and visual appeal. Owners also found their devices reasonably easy to operate and relatively free from crashes. However, processor speeds, operating systems, memory, and storage all received slightly lower scores.

The ASCI's report is based on interviews conducted via telephone and e-mail between April 6 and May 22, Customers were asked to evaluate their experiences with recently bought products made by companies with the largest market shares, Data was also formulated from an aggregate of smaller manufacturers, American Customer Satisfaction Index report shows customers are happier with tablets nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case than with desktops and laptops, but satisfaction level for PCs in general is down from one year ago, Tablets have a small edge over laptops and desktops when it comes to customer satisfaction, but consumer love for PCs in general is down, according to a new American Customer Satisfaction Index report..

Yet it's not all smooth sailing. Languages around the world can be structured very differently. Interestingly, neither Och nor any members of his team are linguists; instead, they apply maths and statistics to the problem of translation, building algorithms that can correlate existing translations and find the most accurate. To this end, Google Translate allows users to rate translations so that Google can collate data on accuracy. However, Google is not the first, and may not even be the most advanced, in creating such a tool. Microsoft already demonstrated speech recognition and translation software in November last year. Chief research officer Rick Rashid gave a demonstration in Tianjin, China, of software that translated his speech from English to Chinese, playing the translation back in Rashid's own voice — collated from voice samples. Skip to around the six-minute mark in the below video for the demonstration.

Google, however, has another advantage above and beyond what it has already nasa retro space travel poster the grand tour iphone case achieved with Translate: Google Now, The voice search software can learn and adapt to the user's syntax for more accurate results; the more the user communicates with Google Now, the better the software becomes at understanding his or her speech patterns, Its conversational approach to voice commands — for example, following "What is the time in New York?" with "Is it raining there?" — also gives it a potential edge..

Although Google Translate isn't perfect, with hundreds of millions of people using it per year, it can only get better — and Google's suite of existing and upcoming products could play a part. Imagine Google Glass translating the language around you and translating it directly back to the earpiece. It's a few years away yet, but whoever gets there first, software of this kind will absolutely revolutionise global communications. Douglas Adams' Babel fish may not exist outside of the fictional universe, but Google is working on the next best thing: a real-time universal language translator.

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