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best iphone screen protector 6s

This is the scene Thursday night outside the Shibuya Apple Store in Tokyo. The iPhone 5S goes on sale at 8 a.m. local time on Friday, which is 12 hours after this photo was taken. There is a line of about 70 people, and the first person started lining up on Thursday morning. This is a big contrast from the Ginza store, where the first person started waiting in line more than a week ago. People camp outside the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York as they await the release of the iPhone iPhone 5S/5C on Friday.

These hardy New Yorkers came ready to best iphone screen protector 6s camp out overnight in the Big Apple -- waiting for the other Apple to open the doors to its Fifth Avenue store, Sylvain Gautier, the first member of the public in France to own Apple's new flagship iPhone, shows off what he bought -- a 64GB space gray model for himself and a 32GB white model for a friend, Apple's iPhone 5S and the lower-end 5C went sale Friday morning in several countries, The front of the queue waits for the Apple store in Paris to open and sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C to begin on Friday morning..

Apple store employees in Paris gave the first person in line for an iPhone 5S a warm, loud welcome with kisses, cheers, and sustained applause. He took longer than the second person in line to make his purchase, though, so was wasn't the first person to actually buy an iPhone 5S in France, though. Lining up early to buy the newest Apple gadget is a ritual for some, and for others, it's an event to record -- with an iPhone, unsurprisingly, in this case in Paris. Thirsty queuers outside Apple's flagship London store in Covent Garden enjoy complimentary coffees.

This red-nosed gentleman had been there all night, "I don't have a mind, I cannot communicate unless through an iPhone," he said, "This is the best moment of my life, I love this place, I love best iphone screen protector 6s these people, I love Apple, I love Steve Jobs."Apple employees hurry to get the Store ready for the horde of queuers outside in Covent Garden, London, Blue-shirted Apple Store employees warmly welcome Norman Hicks, the first in the queue at London's Covent Garden store, And he's finally got it! After three nights sleeping rough on the streets of London, Norman has his iPhone 5S, He bought two -- both gold 64GB models -- which he'll auction and give the proceeds to charity, He's followed by second in the queue Jesse Green, who bought an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 5C..

Norman, the first person in the UK to buy an iPhone 5S, proudly shows off his new mobiles. Two minutes walk away on the Strand, there is no queue at this Phones 4U store, which has plenty of both iPhone 5C and 5S. But they'll only sell you one on a contract, not SIM-free, which they said was exclusive to Apple for two weeks. As usual, the line outside of Apple's New York City flagship store is cordoned off at the front and wraps around the block past FAO Schwartz and around the corner. Brian Ceballo and his sponsors at have been waiting in line for 15 days here in New York. Having done the wait-in-line thing for every iPhone in the last 5 years this is his first time at the front of the line.. With an hour still to wait these guys are up on their feet and ready to go.

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