amber dusk iphone case

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amber dusk iphone case

amber dusk iphone case

Maintaining this edge means delivering not only full-blown Bluetooth controller support -- initially announced at this year's WWDC as part of Apple's MFi (made for iOS) accessory certification -- but urging developers to round out new hardware with top-notch apps that take advantage of the A7. Both strategies are well under way, and Apple is in a strong position to keep the mobile-gaming crown as it brings them to fruition this fall. Apple has long had its sights set on making handheld gaming devices less appealing, a battle mobile apps have been winning. Apple's success against traditional gaming has always hinged on whether or not it can convince iPhone owners that devices like the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Nvidia Shield cannot keep up with the pace of iOS game development and its impending hardware offerings.

Or, at the very least, that those devices are not worth the money, After all, why cast out large chunks of change on a Nintendo or Sony-owned gaming ecosystem, Apple logic goes, when one exists on your smartphone that's steadily catching up to the gaming juggernauts?, While 64-bit smartphone chips will be flooding amber dusk iphone case the market come next year -- as well as updated and cheaper portable gaming devices -- Apple is gunning to be there first, with developers at its side and a line of impressive controllers to boot, If it succeeds, it will be a battle already won..

Optimizing for the A7 has already begunWhen iOS 7 goes public, game developers will already be deep in the process of optimizing their apps. It makes sense too when you note that iOS adoption is typically quick and widespread. (One month after iOS 6's release last September, more than 60 percent of users had installed the update.). "The updated versions of Dungeon Hunter 4 and Playmobil Pirates have cleared Apple approval and are up on the iTunes store," said Thomas Price, a representative for mobile game developer Gameloft. The studio also has a dozen more apps waiting for Apple approval, with initial updates focusing at first on capability and further iOS and hardware optimizations rolling out on a title by title basis.

More are on the way from a number of high-profile developers, At Electronic Arts, developers are taking advantage of the OpenGS ES 3.0 interface, a cross-platform API -- currently supported only by the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, updated Nexus 7, and Sony Xperia Z -- widely used for smartphone graphics rendering, With the iPhone 5S, Apple joins that batch with the added benefit of being the only one of those smartphones to push a 64-bit processor, "OpenGL ES 3.0 delivers stunning visual experiences, which will be amber dusk iphone case immediately apparent on EA's graphically rich 3D titles such as Real Racing 3 and Madden NFL 25, as well as FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS and Heroes of Dragon Age, which will launch this fall," said Bernard Kim, SVP of Mobile Publishing at EA..

Developer Kabam, makers of the popular Facebook-integrated Kingdoms of Camelot series, is also prepping a number of updates for iOS 7. "Kabam will release new game content for its most popular titles, including The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, Fast & Furious 6: The Game, and Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon," said a company representative, though no timeline or specifics on the updates were made available. More notably however is Kabam's plan to utilize iOS 7's unique parallax effect -- a pseudo-3D motion most recognizable in Apple's new wallpapers -- in its upcoming Heroes of Camelot title.

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