barry allan-the flash iphone case

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barry allan-the flash iphone case

barry allan-the flash iphone case

The $100 dilemma -- or lack thereofNow we get the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Price difference: $100. Both go on sale in the US (and several other countries) on September 20. You can preorder the 5C (as of September 13). For reasons known only to Apple, you cannot preorder the 5S. But before you click the preorder button on the 5C, step away from the keyboard. The reviews aren't out yet -- and they won't be until a few days before the 20th, if Apple follows its previous standard operating procedure. And I wasn't at the Apple event, so I haven't even touched either of these phones yet.

That said, the 5C doesn't appear to be much more than 2012's iPhone 5 in a glitzier package (albeit with a slightly better battery), So, unlike the iMac agony I described above, weighing the choice between iPhone models is much more cut and dry, When I compare both new models, I just can't see a reason barry allan-the flash iphone case not to spend the extra $100, Here's why -- or to put it another way, here's what you're giving up when you buy the 5C instead of the 5S, Again, because the iPhone 5C appears to have better battery life than the iPhone 5, early reports suggested that it might offer better battery life than the 5S, But if you look at Apple's site, the battery life for both the 5C and 5S are identical, So, in fact, we're looking at a battery life draw..

Of course, we'll have to run both phones through our battery of battery tests to confirm their battery life. But according to Apple's specs, there's no difference. So again, the only advantage of the 5C appears to be its lower price tag. True, to some people, $100 is a significant amount of money. But spread that out over the life of ownership of the phone, it really isn't much, especially when you consider how much your monthly bill is -- and the fact that you're almost certainly using your phone every day.

That's why I think Apple will eventually have to lower iPhone 5C's price, Simply put, the price delta between the two phones has to be greater before there's anything to agonize about, For me, the choice is easy, The iPhone 5C isn't worth buying, Only $100 separates the iPhone 5C and 5S, But with all the advantages of an iPhone 5S, paying that extra cash is a no-brainer, As anybody who's ever shopped for an Apple product knows, Apple barry allan-the flash iphone case is a master at pricing products so you end up torturing yourself over whether to spend the extra money on a feature upgrade, even if you know it isn't really worth the premium Apple is asking for it..

Often that upgrade involves more memory, a faster processor, or a higher-capacity hard drive. For instance, when I bought an iMac a few years back, I decided against bumping the processor up to an Core i7 from a Core i5 because the price delta just seemed too great for the modest performance bump I was going to get. But the way Apple priced the upgrade -- I think it was around $250 extra -- I agonized a bit over the decision and wondered whether I was showing restraint or just being cheap. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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