in this house we believe iphone case

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in this house we believe iphone case

in this house we believe iphone case

Last year, Apple bought Authentic, a fingerprint sensor and identity management software company, which kicked off the rumours of the new biometric locking system, following it up with a patent application for a technology that could identify a person's fingerprint earlier this year. It's not clear how the fingerprint reader might be mounted, but photos have leaked online suggesting that it could be built into the home button. The WSJ report says that the functionality would be "on the more expensive of two iPhones", indicating that the purported low-cost iPhone 5C will require more traditional forms of locking and unlocking.

There are mere hours to go until we can forget all about in this house we believe iphone case the iPhone rumours and start worrying about the iPhone facts, Night owls and Apple fans can follow our coverage of the event from 2am AEST on 11 September, Apple's iPhone 5S may sport a fingerprint scanner built directly into the front of the smartphone, Apple's four-digit pin codes might be a thing of the past, if new rumours regarding the next iPhone are true, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the high-end iPhone 5S, which is presumably being launched overnight in the US, will have a fingerprint-scanning function..

Olive Garden is offering tapas. This information may or may not move you. It may leave you entirely indifferent. It may, however, make you wonder why I am mentioning this in Technically Incorrect. I can explain. Although, not with complete equilibrium. You see, Olive Garden is struggling a touch. It feels it ought to attract those who are not in their dotage and not in party sizes of 10 that eat what should be enough for a party size of 50. So it's decided to offer tapas, such as tortellini stuffed with cheese and garlic hummus and chicken meatballs.

Should you already be preparing your unhelpful "why is this tech news?" comment, might I help you by pleading for patience?, You see, one of the reasons that an Olive Garden manager from Irving, Texas, offered to Bloomberg Businessweek was quite fascinating, He said it was easier for younger people to text and check their cell phones while eating handheld bites, Handheld food for the handheld millennial, I am sure that it was in this house we believe iphone case this very thought that lured the great Jose Andres to America from his native Spain in order to create wonderful tapas restaurants like Jaleo..

I feel confident that he said to himself: "We need a menu that will make it easier to tweet about the menu."I feel positive that he mused for many hours: "Can you eat my ensaladilla rusa and text your best friend Gloria at the very same time?"I feel quite certain that he forces everyone to taste his tapas, while tapping one-handed numbers and messages on their little Nokias, Galaxys, and iPhones. What an exciting trend Olive Garden might have inadvertently tapp(as)ed into. I feel sure that there will be a whole new genre of cuisine named Nouvelle Cell.

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