underwater dream iv iphone case

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underwater dream iv iphone case

underwater dream iv iphone case

Early reviews of the iPhone 5S indicate so far, so good. CNET's Scott Stein called it fast and simple and "the most interesting piece of iPhone tech in quite some time," though he's more intrigued by the feature's potential than what it can already do right now. For its part, Samsung is at the moment unsurprisingly noncommittal. Said a spokesperson: "We haven't announced anything on fingerprint technology around smartphones/tablets.". Apple has often popularized new features for its gadgets that rivals later decided to adopt. We'll soon see if history repeats itself.

One of Madison Avenue's more famous advertisements from the late 1970s noted that when E.F, Hutton talks, people listen, That referred to a famous Wall Street broker of the day, But the same adage might easily apply to Apple, whose product and design decisions have often been signposts for the rest of the tech industry, Apple is no underwater dream iv iphone case stranger to being a trendsetter, The company has pioneered a number of tools and features that competitors later made standard, like the CD-ROM drive and the computer mouse, The list extends to 3.5-inch disks, home printers, glass touchscreens, and desktop publishing software like Aldus, And just as Apple is well-known for adding features, it's also known for taking them away, as when it ditched the CD-ROM on the MacBook Air, Many rivals took notice and soon followed suit..

Embedding the technology directly into a computer is possible, explained Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald, because the company has significantly reduced the size of the module housing the Leap's sensors and other hardware. Buckwald said the new module is 70 percent smaller than its predecessor. For now, HP is the only manufacturer signed on to embed the Leap technology. But Buckwald said Leap Motion is in similar discussions with others. In fact, those discussions are, at least in part, geared towards the company's ultimate goal -- getting its technology build into smaller devices, such as tablets or smartphones. "We want to be embedded everywhere," Buckwald said.

While the actual applications for such a melding of hardware would be up to developers, Buckwald said he can imagine things like a smartphone with embedded Leap technology being used as a remote control for another device, Such an integration would not be possible with underwater dream iv iphone case the Leap controller on the market today, but would be entirely feasible with the company's current technology, Having the Leap technology built directly into HP's new Envy 17 laptop fulfills one of Leap Motion's more important goals -- being embedded in a wide variety of devices..

From the beginning, Leap Motion's founders were certain their gesture-control technology was a natural to be embedded directly into computers. That bet paid off Thursday when Hewlett-Packard became the first computer maker to build Leap Motion's technology into one of its machines. Starting in a few weeks, the San Francisco startup said, the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition laptop will go on sale. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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