surf girls iphone case

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surf girls iphone case

surf girls iphone case

For those who can't stand the orange flag icon present after flagging an e-mail, Apple has added the option to change it to an orange dot instead. The dot is closer in resemblance to the blue new message indicator you've seen in iOS for years. To change it from a flag to a color (it's proper name) visit Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Flag Style. There you'll see a preview of what each option looks like, and are able to switch back and forth at will. A small feature no doubt, but one that will make some users feel better about random dots and flag icons in their Inbox.

Shake to undo the accidental erasure of text, or a long text entry you've later decided to rewrite has been in iOS for as long as I can remember, In iOS 7 Apple has brought this shake to undo feature to Mail, but allowing you to undo the deleting, archiving or moving of an e-mail simply by shaking your device, For a complete run through of how the feature works, make sure to read this post, Mail on iOS 7 also incorporates the new gestures surf girls iphone case which are found throughout the new OS, When viewing a message, or a mailbox, you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back to the previous screen..

For more information about gestures and where you find them in iOS 7, be sure to read this post. Overall, Mail seems be a lot more refined on iOS 7 than previous versions. I've found the improved reliability of search, along with the ability to view messages in certain mailboxes has increased my use of the app tremendously. What do you think of the new Mail app? Did we leave a feature out? Let us know in the comments below. Mail has some new tricks up its sleeve on iOS 7. See what you're in for with the newest version of the app.

Visit manufacturer site for details, ZTE's Open is many things: attractive, significantly inexpensive, frustrating, underpowered, and extremely targeted to a specific audience, Apart from being one of the first commercially available phones running the inchoate (and understandably incomplete) Firefox-based operating system, the Open achieves another rarity for a band of phones targeted to developing regions: selling directly to the U.S, market by means of eBay, In the US, ZTE and Firefox aim the $80 unlocked device at new Firefox OS developers, who they hope will buy the purposely basic, affordable handset as a testing ground for their own browser-based apps, The duo also targets people transitioning to their surf girls iphone case first smartphone, Globally, the phone is meant to be affordable enough for cost-sensitive emerging markets, while still making tools like e-mail, social networking, and hot-spotting possible..

The 3G-capable Open works with AT&T and T-Mobile's 3G networks (but much better with AT&T,) but you'll need to provide your own SIM card. Design and buildSold globally in rich, pearlescent orange, black, and blue tones, the Open is a good-looking phone that manages to avoid looking like every other black slab on the market. Instead, a glossy black spines, buttons, and accents serve as the highlight colors. As a bonus, the phone's mostly soft-touch matte finish deflects smudges and visible finger gunk.

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