lime harvest iphone case

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lime harvest iphone case

lime harvest iphone case

What do all these megapixels mean in a practical sense? The main advantage is the ability to simulate the effect of optical zoom without having an actual optical zoom. Rather than interpolating or "guessing" the missing information when digital zoom is applied, having almost three times as many megapixels on the sensor as a regular smartphone camera means that you can crop into a photo without losing detail, effectively acting like a zoom. Nokia calls this its PureView zooming method, which can achieve a maximum zoom equivalent of 3x optical for stills at the 5-megapixel resolution, 4x for 1080p video and 6x for 720p.

From within the Pro Camera app, you get the opportunity to reframe and rotate images using the original high-resolution file, It then saves that image for sharing, and maintains the original full-resolution photo -- though this can only be viewed from within Pro Camera, not in the gallery, Using the Pro Camera app to reframe a photo, (Screenshot by CBSi), Like earlier camera apps on Lumia models, Pro lime harvest iphone case Camera integrates with different "lenses", such as Cinemagraph and Smart Cam, These are other apps that can be launched directly from the camera interface, but are also accessible from the apps menu..

Pro Camera has automatic bracketing that can take three or five exposures in half, full or two full stops (+/-0.5 to 2 EV). When the bracketing mode is selected, the camera takes the set number of shots one after the other. There is a considerable delay between photos, so to merge them together for something like an HDR image, a tripod will be needed to make sure the framing stays consistent. Unfortunately, Pro Camera does not retain your settings when you quit and re-enter the app. So if you want to take a bunch of photos at, for example, 1/800 second at ISO 400 and -0.7EV, do it all in one go. Otherwise, if you check your email or open the app back up from sleep by pressing the shutter button, you have to dial it all in again.

Don't need to muck around with all those megapixels? The Smart Cam app is where the 1020 gets to show off its processing prowess, Press the shutter button to take a series of images in a single burst, Then, in the playback mode, you can perform a number of different manipulations, These include: best photo, action shot, motion focus, change faces and remove moving objects, When the motion focus option is selected, a white outline appears lime harvest iphone case over the moving objects in the frame, From here, you can adjust the positioning of the object to generate the motion effect, (Credit: CBSi)..

Motion focus produces a very nice effect on moving subjects, though when there is more than one element moving in the frame, such as water and a boat in this example, some judicious cropping may be required. The shot-to-shot time was measured by launching the camera app from sleep by pressing and holding the shutter button. The camera loads into the Pro Camera app within 3.9 seconds, then takes another 1.7 seconds to focus and take the shot, providing the time of 5.6 seconds. The 1020 is not a huge leap forward when it comes to burst or continuous shooting performance. The Smart Cam app is where continuous shooting can be found, with the app being able to produce 10 frames in quick succession.

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