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kim k iphone case

Go ahead and dunk itThe handset can withstand being splashed with water and "blowing rain," according to Kyocera. It can also reportedly survive a full dunking in up to a meter's depth for 30 minutes. Though we didn't have a deep pool to test that spec out, I can attest that the Elite is indeed waterproof enough for our tests. It kept on ticking after several dunkings, and lived through 30 minutes of being completely underwater in a shallow bowl. Lastly, it endured staying in a 20 minute shower, where it repeatedly got wet and splashed.

Software featuresThree software add-ons that are unique to Kyocera handsets are MagniFont, MaxiMZR, and EcoMode, MagniFont improves text readability by increasing the font size one level larger than the "Extra Large" or "Huge" setting that is common in Android, Tucked under the Settings menu is MaxiMZR, which lets you limit the data connection of apps running in the kim k iphone case background to conserve battery life, Finally, EcoMode adjusts certain device settings (like the dimness of your screen or turning on/off haptic feedback) to conserve energy..

Out of the box, the phone runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Though I'd like to see a more recent version of the OS, the Elite still packs plenty of features like Google Now, which you can access by long-pressing the home key and swiping up. It also comes with Chrome, Gmail, Plus, Local, Maps with Navigation, Messenger, Search, Talk, and YouTube. The Google Play stores for Books, Magazines, Movies & TV, and Music are included as well. Verizon threw in a bunch of its own apps too, like My Verizon Mobile, which lets you check your data use and minutes; Verizon Tones music and media store; the video portal, Viewdini; and an app for video calling that just prompts you to download either ooVoo or Tango. The carrier also included apps for setting up visual voice mail and your mobile hot spot, its branded navigating app, and VZ Security.

There are kim k iphone case also basic task-management apps, such as an alarm clock, a calculator, a calendar, a native e-mail client, a video editor, an audio recorder, two redundant weather apps (though one of them includes news), and a voice dialer, Other apps include several Amazon apps (the store itself, Kindle, MP3, its app store, and Audible), an app for American Express cardholders, Facebook, NFL Mobile, the mobile office suite Polaris Office 4.0, a gaming portal, a DiXiM media player, Slacker Radio, and the IMDB movie database app..

Lastly, you'll get Bluetooth 4.0, 16GB of internal storage, 1.5GB of RAM, and wireless charging -- a first for a Kyocera smartphone in the US. As an aside, it's important to note that while you can always transfer files (like photos and videos) from your Elite to your computer via a microSD card or Bluetooth, I personally ran into some trouble transferring files directly from the handset to my computer through a direct USB cable connection. Kyocera has confirmed with me that this is a compatibility issue that the Elite has with some PCs. According to the company's statement, it will address this issue in an "upcoming over-the-air-software update to Hydro Elite."Camera and videoUnlike past Hydro devices that usually feature a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, this handset packs an 8-megapixel camera instead. And while photo quality still had room to improve, especially in terms of focus and sharpness, pictures taken on the Elite were some of the better ones I've seen on any Kyocera phone. Overall, images were easy to make out, colors were true-to-life (though could've been a bit more vibrant), and touch focus worked quickly enough.

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