jurassic dinosaur iphone case

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jurassic dinosaur iphone case

jurassic dinosaur iphone case

Unlike competitors, Apple doesn't measure its chipset in terms of cores, which makes it harder to compare against, say, the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chips we're starting to see in high-end Android phones like the LG G2. What's this Touch ID fingerprint lock all about?With Touch ID, you'll be able to almost instantaneously unlock your iPhone 5S and confirm iTunes purchases. At this point, developers will not be able to extend Touch ID scanning to other forms of authentication or purposes.

Can more than one person use the Touch ID?Yes, you can save multiple profiles for different fingers -- yours or even someone else's (like your spouse, kids, and so on.), Do you have to unlock the phone to answer it?Nope, Just like jurassic dinosaur iphone case with previous iPhones, you can take a call without first unlocking the device, Will the iPhone 5C have Touch ID?No, the iPhone 5S is the only smartphone to have Touch ID, though we expect that Apple will start integrating it into future iOS devices, like its next crop of iPads..

Will the slow-mo camera come with iOS 7? Will I get it on my 4S?The iPhone 5S' slow-motion capability is tied to the camera hardware (specifically its image sensor), so neither the iPhone 5 nor iPhone 4S will have the feature. Since the iPhone 5C camera is essentially the same as the iPhone 5's, it also bypasses support for slow-motion video capture. The 5S' flash has changed. Will my iPhone 5 case still fit?It really depends on how large the camera window is on a particular case. The iPhone 5S has a vertical dual-LED flash, so cases with narrow or teardrop-shaped windows for the camera module could obstruct the iPhone 5S' new stacked flashes. The good news is that most iPhone 5 cases have a large oblong opening that should be roomy enough for the new configuration.

Do both new phones use Lightning ports?That's right; Apple is committed to the charger standard introduced with the iPhone 5, Which LTE bands will the phones use?In the US and Canada, various iPhone models support these bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, and jurassic dinosaur iphone case 26 (but not 7), US carriers AT&T, Aio Wireless (an AT&T subsidiary), Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile (a Sprint subsidiary) will all support LTE, along with regional carriers, You'll find Apple's full list by country, carrier, phone, and bands here..

Will I be able to use the iPhone 5S and 5C abroad?Yes, the iPhone 5S and 5C are global phones, regardless of the GSM or CDMA network you buy it for. That means that if you're using the Verizon or Sprint versions on their home CDMA networks, they'll switch to GSM overseas to send texts and make calls. Data roaming is definitely possible, but you should check with your carrier before setting foot on a plane to find out their coverage details. Can I use voice and data simultaneously?If you buy the phones with AT&T and T-Mobile, then you're smooth sailing. However, Verizon and Sprint customers run into the same issues as iPhone 5 buyers did with making calls while browsing the Internet over a data network (you're fine if you're browsing over Wi-Fi). CNET's Roger Cheng has all the details here.

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