iphone case using apple logo

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iphone case using apple logo

"With our lens, doctors could get the wide-angle view they need, and still be able to judge the distance between the lens and tissue. They could place instruments with more confidence, and remove a tumor more easily, for example," Zhao said. Check out the hybrid lens in the vid below. This hybrid approach could give smartphone cameras dynamic focus, and add depth to surgical imaging. Insects' hemispheric eyes have a wide field of view and high resolution. What if they could be combined with the focusing abilities humans enjoy?.

With the number of changes Apple included in iOS 7 there's bound to be questions regarding how to use old and new features alike, But that's what we're here iphone case using apple logo for, Below you'll find a roundup of posts covering every possible aspect of iOS 7 we think should be covered; all of which will show you how to take advantage of a new feature, or how to access an old one, Get ready Be sure to do a bit of prep work to make the upgrade easier on both yourself and your iOS device before installing the latest update..

Read: Five things to do before installing iOS 7. Back up your data Although it's not likely you'll run into trouble with the new OS, better safe than sorry. Here's a quick refresher on backing up your data. Read: How to back up your phone before installing iOS 7. Download it Ready to make the move to your new operating system? Here's how. Read: How to install iOS 7. New gestures iOS 7 contains visual changes aplenty, but it also includes one new gesture that iOS users are going to want to take advantage of.

Read: The new gesture in iOS 7 you want to know about, Closing apps In the past, double-clicking the home button would reveal app icons you could then long press on and close out -- not on iOS 7, Read: How to force-close apps on iOS 7, iTunes Radio Learn how to create, iphone case using apple logo edit, customize, and share stations on iTunes Radio using your iOS device, Read: Getting started with iTunes Radio on iOS, Mail Mail has some new tricks up its sleeve on iOS 7, See what you're in for with the newest version of the app..

Read: Five new features in Mail on iOS 7 you need to know. Camera Apple has redesigned the Camera app for iOS 7, adding new features and navigation options. Here's how to use them. Read: Five tips for the new Camera app on iOS 7. Slo-mo One of the coolest features of Apple's iPhone 5S is the ability to record and share slo-mo videos. Here's what you need to know. Read: How to create, share slo-mo videos on the iPhone 5S. Safari tips Launching Safari for the first time after updating to iOS 7 can be a shock. This post will help you find your way around the new version of the mobile browser.

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