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iphone case knife

Now you're in the multitasking menu, which you shouldn't really have access to. You can't access any apps except those available from the control centre, which includes the camera. The difference is that in the camera you can now access all the phone's stored photos, where normally it would tell you to unlock the phone. From there you can share any pic you like from the accounts logged in on the phone, including new ones that you take yourself. Here's one I made earlier, using my colleague Andy Hoyle's box-fresh iPhone 5C.

Mwuhahaha I've hijacked Andy's Twitters using the iOS 7 bug to send this evil selfie! pic.twitter.com/ka1HRf7Zup, I've managed to iphone case knife get the bug to work on an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4 as well as Apple's colourful plastic new mobile, The 4 and 5 were both running iOS 7.0, while the 5C has the new iOS 7.0.1 update, I wasn't able to confirm if it works on the iPhone 5S, Apple's new phones went on sale this morning at 8am in the UK, with over a thousand people queueing outside the flagship store in London's Covent Garden, including this enthusiastic gent..

No such queues were in evidence at a Phones 4U round the corner, because third-party resellers can't sell them SIM-free for another two weeks. If you want a new iPhone without a contract, you'll have to get it from Apple. Have you tried the bug? Does it work? What mischief have you gotten up to? Get up to no good in the comments, or on our completely secure Facebook page. Apple has admitted there's a bug in its brand-new iOS 7 software that lets you access and share photos without unlocking the phone.

When we trawled London's West End, meeting the hardy souls camping out for the new iPhone 5S and 5C this morning, a helpful Phones 4U staffer told us that they're not allowed to sell the iPhone SIM-free for two weeks, And various networks and phone shops have confirmed to us that they're not selling the new iPhones without a lengthy -- and iphone case knife pricey -- contract for the foreseeable future, That means if you've decided to bite the bullet and pay full price for an iPhone in order to take advantage of a cheap SIM-only deal, you'd better have either an Apple Store near you, or a few weeks-worth of patience..

Or just generally be more like this guy, who queued up to bag himself a new iPhone today. The new iPhones are widely available on contract from the networks, but buying one straight up isn't so straightforward. Vodafone is only selling new iPhones on pay as you go in selected stores, and O2 isn't selling it SIM-free in shops at all. Don't head to your nearest O2 store if you want a 5S, either: not only is O2 not able to turn on 4G for the iPhone just yet, it doesn't have any 5S phones in stores. You have to order online or go to a different shop if you want the more expensive iPhone.

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