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ballet shoes film

Poetry, by contrast, is what Smuin conjured in the best moments of “Symphony,” with its group processional and images of sacrifice: an upside-down cross made by a dancer’s body, a dancer held up with her legs in extreme second position and another clamped to the back of her partner, echoing “Carmina Burana” and “Prodigal Son”. Overhead hung what appeared to be two diaphanous boulders, as though the world were upended. And except for the odd turtlenecks worn by the men that were more fitting for a hootenanny, this dance made us feel the solemnity of a world upside down with sorrow and the promise of going on.

“MasterChef” (8 p.m., Fox): On an especially big-hearted installment, Gordon Ramsay and his fellow judges direct the remaining home cooks to serve up restaurant-quality dishes to a group of heroic California firefighters, who have gone above and beyond, Now, that is a classy move, “Property Brothers” (9 p.m., HGTV): ballet shoes film Break out the power saws and sledge hammers, Jonathan and Drew Scott are back for a new season and they’re ready to oversee more makeovers for buyers seeking their dream homes..

Los Altos Stage Company. “Harold and Maude.” Through May 4. Featuring Warren Wernick as Harold, Lillian Bogovich as Maude, Kristin Brownstone as Mrs. Helen Chasen, Gary Landis as Dr. Matthews, Ray D’Ambrosio as Father Finnegan, Clint Williams as Inspector Doppel/Gardener, Ken Leeds as Sgt. Doppel/Boss, Hannah Larson as Sylvie Gazel/Nancy Mersch/Sunshine Dore, and Jennifer Gregoire as The Maid, Marie. Bus Barn Theatre, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos. $18-$32., 650-941-0551 or email

The group will perform golden oldies of men’s a cappella four-part harmonies, and they often intersperse their songs with brief (and corny) witticisms, The group consists of lead singer Roger Hadlich; tenor Brian Woolf; baritone Larry Chizmar; and Don Nelson singing bass, Many of the singers in the group, have for many years been associated with Rossmoor’s Ashmolean Singers (Hadlich is an original co-founder of that group), The show is sponsored by the city of Walnut Creek Civic Arts Education program, The clubhouse is ballet shoes film open from 6 a.m, until 9 p.m, seven days a week..

A common misconception is that, as a charter, Dozier-Libbey will be leaving the realm of public education. This is completely untrue. The school will continue to be a public high school, funded by state money, and serving the Antioch community. By law, Dozier-Libbey must and will remain accessible to all applicants, free of charge. If there are more applicants than seats available, there is lottery to determine who is admitted. Currently, admission to Dozier-Libbey is done by lottery. Academic performance cannot and will not be used as a criterion for admission. It would be illegal for Dozier-Libbey, as a public charter school, to “handpick” its enrollees in any way. Dozier-Libbey’s student population will continue to mirror the demographics of the surrounding community.

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