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ballet shoes doodle

Together these crazy kids battle the plans of the dastardly Jafar (Jonathan Weir, coming across as a snide sort of Uncle Scar in human form), match wits with supernatural forces and ride the magic carpet to a happy ending. And it’s a nicely orchestrated rug ride amid a star-filled night sky at that. Along the way there’s a Vegas headliner-style Genie (the shamelessly hammy Anthony Murphy), a desperate to suck-up minion named Iago (Reggie De Leon) and a treasure chest full of gorgeous harem haute couture (designed by Gregg Barnes).

Meet Christopher (a ferociously funny Paul Whitworth) the scabrously witty head of a British family for whom mockery and derision pass for intimacy, A scholar who tears into ballet shoes doodle his wife Beth (Anita Carey) and children Ruth (Elizabeth Morton) and Daniel (an explosive turn by Dan Clegg) as if they were hastily-written term papers, Christopher never met a criticism he didn’t like, Surviving his vicious sense of humor is a rite of passage for this troubled brood, In this house, bollocks is a term of endearment..

The gala also serves as a welcome to Jose Manuel Carreno, Ballet San Jose’s new artistic director. It starts at 5 p.m. with the performance at 8 p.m. at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 Almaden Blvd. Tickets for the entire evening are $1,000; for the performance and after-party, $500; and for the performance only, $50 to $110. For more information, including the program or tickets, visit or call 408.288.2820. The film by Luigi Lo Cascio is about a man who is a fervent ecologist trying to live in complete self-sufficiency.

Between the Lowe ballets will be a classical divertissement-style piece called “In Concert,” choreographed by Dennis Nahat, A former dancer with Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theater, Nahat was the artistic director of Ballet San Jose (formerly Cleveland San Jose Ballet) for almost 30 years, The variety and accessibility of the program ballet shoes doodle make this a great show for seasoned dance watchers and novices, alike, Bring your family — there is a matinee performance available on each of the three scheduled dates..

“Come learn about gardening and urban farming, permaculture, the benefits of eating fresh organic produce, seed sharing, and raising chickens. Peruse information on reducing waste in and around the home, check out energy efficient solutions including solar panels and window replacement, and examine an electric car.”. The main stage will have local entertainment and lawn space to spread a blanket and picnic. Residents can also pick up free compost and recycle electronic items at the festival. Bicycle parking is free and low cost bike tuneups will be available.

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