ballet print - on pointe

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ballet print - on pointe

ballet print - on pointe

Embed: A reporter who is accommodated by the military command to observe operations firsthand. Security, food, shelter and transportation is provided by the military for the embed. FAN: Feet, Ass and Nuts. Used to describe a smell common to military tents and barracks. Fast Mover: Fighter jet. Fitty: The M2 .50 caliber machine gun. FOB: Forward Operating Base. Bigger than a COP, smaller than a superbase. A FOB can be austere and dangerous, but is more commonly provisioned with hot, varied meals, hot water for showers and laundry as well as recreational facilities.

BIG NIGHT FOR EDUCATION: Seagate Executive Chairman Steve Luczo was honored with the Pioneer Business Award from the Silicon Valley Education Foundation at Wednesday’s 13th annual Pioneers and Purpose dinner, which raised $950,000 for the group, There were about 500 people at the dinner, held at the Fairmont San Jose, which also featured a video tribute ballet print - on pointe to Muhammed Chaudhry, who recently stepped down as the education foundation’s CEO, 49ers Chairman John York, who worked with Chaudhry on the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, introduced the video, and Chaudhry received commendations from Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Dave Cortese and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo..

For many in the full house, “Lola Montez Does the Spider Dance” was the main attraction. Based on material from an Adams work in progress — “Girls of the Golden West,” an evening-length opera with libretto by Peter Sellars set to premiere at San Francisco Opera in 2017 — the orchestral score gave the audience a taste of a major new work by the Berkeley-based composer. It also offered a brief but characterful portrait of its namesake, the flamboyant Irish actress-dancer who cut a wide swath through California during the Barbary Coast era.

Fortunately choreographer Allison Paraiso and the large ensemble are up to the task in director Rachel Robinson’s Berkeley Playhouse production, ballet print - on pointe The dancing is lively and lovely throughout, from rumbles and dance-offs to a dreamlike fantasia, Here the star-crossed lovers are Tony and Maria, Though both almost impossibly innocent, Tony is a former member of white street gang the Jets and its leader’s best friend, and Maria is the sister of the leader of the Puerto Rican Sharks, Ana Paula Malagón is a wonderfully sweet Maria with a beautiful soprano voice, and Will Skrip is brimming with wide-eyed enthusiasm as Tony..

About 300 people — including the entire student body — packed the pews of adjacent Zion Lutheran Church in a farewell service that celebrated “God’s Faithfulness: Past, Present and Future.”. “It’s a sad day, but it’s been a good year, and we’ve had a good response from the students,” said eighth-grade teacher John Heinitz, who has taught at Zion for 34 years. “We’re in good spirits.”. The one-hour church service began with the processional hymn “You Are My All in All,” during which the entire K-8 school paraded solemnly into the church. Pastor Paul Aldrich led the worship that focused entirely on the school and its students and teachers, past and present.

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